The Shammgod

July 29, 2015 § Leave a comment


Basic Description: A flashy, risky, higher level move. Rarely used in competitive games except off pick and rolls. Key to the move is the quick, blinding footwork. Called the Shammgod for one of its earliest ambassadors, former NBA player God Shammgod.

How to do the move: The move can be done with either hand, but assume we’re starting with the ball in the right hand.

  1. Give yourself some room; be at least three-point distance (give or take) away.
  2. You will now do two things simultaneously:
    1. Lightly “drop” the ball forward with your right hand. Some find it helpful to do this underhanded. Do not pound the rock into the ground — the reason you ‘drop’ it lightly is so you have slightly more time to pull off the move.
    2. Take a short, choppy step forward with your left foot.
  3. Shortly after the ball leaves your hand, you will again do two things simultaneously:
    1. Reach your left arm across the body to get the ball.
    2. Take a long step forward with your right foot. At this point, your legs should be split pretty far apart, and you should be leaning low, as if you’re going to drive to the basket.
  4. Quickly and suddenly “snatch” the ball back to your left with your left hand. You should now see an opening to drive and score.

Why the move works: The defender is distracted, and “frozen” by the blinding quick footwork. He is on his toes, and when you reach over to grab the ball, he overreacts and flies towards the ball, leaving an easy “snatch” and cutback for the offense.

Keys to the move: Quick and sudden footwork, hard lean towards the ball, extended legs and arm to appear as “long” as possible

When to use it: The defender is standing relatively upright, is giving you some space, and may not be entirely focused. For example, a point guard coming off a pick and roll will generally have space if the defending big man does not hedge. In this case, the defending big man must also account for the rolling offensive big man, so he can’t devote his full attention to the point guard.

This move does not work too well out of triple-threat stance, as defenders tend to be most focused then. You can try to shake the focus of a single defender by doing some other flashy moves beforehand (see below).

See the move:

The move from God Shammgod himself


Lamar Odom sick Shammgod


Shammgod with a counter cross (deadly!) — best shammgod I’ve ever seen (full video here)


Shammgod in the NBA — notice how it’s often used off screens where there’s more space


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