Blog Principles

Here are a few general blogging principles that I strive to follow. While this is meta stuff, I find it interesting, and I hope putting this out there will help my readers better understand how to comb through the content I share.

1) Repetition

I generally hate repetition and lack of conciseness. I think repetition makes writing cluttered, and more than anything, I hate reading an article online and finding out 90% of it is fluff. Cut out the fluff, show me what I need to read! My time is valuable!

Initially, concise writing was something I strived for on this blog. I eliminated details from all blog posts that weren’t crucial to the post. In doing this, I created blog posts that were information-dense and lacking details, with few blog posts on every topic.

As I reevaluated my system, I realized that first, including even somewhat ‘trivial’ details helps readers understand the argument. Information must be divulged from several different angles — reasoning, examples, different ways of looking at it — for things to totally sink in.

In addition, if I cram everything into a single blog post, the information density of the post will make people not want to read it. From a reader’s perspective, it’s much more enjoyable reading short, bite-sized posts as opposed to fused packs of information. Don’t we all hate reading textbooks?

All that to say — expect repetition of ideas on this blog! Concise language is still a priority, but I will make it a point to reduce information density and spread (and repeat) information across blog posts.

2) Few Guides

One thing I really like to do in general is step back. Always step back. What’s the bigger picture?

I love to do that in basketball too — but writing about the ‘big picture’ is always a pain in the ass. For example, if I have a opinion on the aesthetics of a particular basketball, I might step back and try to analyze the realm of aesthetics in basketball in general, and opine where this particular basketball fits into the overall picture.

That is quality information — but simply will cause me to procrastinate. It will require research, it will require me to be thorough (socks, basketballs, shoes, gear, slides), and it will probably end up being very low quality because I’m not passionate about any of it except my original opinion.

So I will make it a point to NOT do many guides on this blog — because I don’t believe they will come out a place of passion, but out a place of forced thoroughness. In addition, I generally hate guides as a reader, because I know they will take some work to get through and understand everything. Therefore, you will see many short posts about a particular topic — which may then be organized to serve the effect of a guide.

3) Your Time is Valuable

Don’t you hate long, long posts, like those on Wikipedia. What a pain to read through! Especially if you only have a particular question and not a passion for the material at hand.

There’s a beautiful thing on the internet that’s come about recently — it’s called a TLDR. Stands for: Too Long, Didn’t Read.

I will include these on all blog posts which are long. Your time is valuable!

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